Cllr Eva Davies

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Cllr Ken Farrar

Born in Bristol in 1941 I have lived in the village since 1972, for many years commuting to London on a daily basis. My job in the Banking Industry involved much committee work, chairing the UK Technical Standards Committee for Securities Industry and representing the country on the International Standards body covering the same topic.

My children were all educated at local state schools and seemed to have involved themselves and me in many of the organisations running at that time.

Locally I was a member of the team which prepared and implemented the Parish Plan in 2006 which paved the way for the Liaison Group which I chaired and then was Secretary of for some time. I was also a member of the team responsible for the OneVillage2010 festival. Other activities include being a member of the team responsible for mowing the Church lawns and printing the Parish News. I am also an editor of 'Talking News' which serves those members of the area who cannot see very well.

I am firmly of the opinion that the Parish Council exists to serve the needs of all local residents, not to promote particular lifestyles or promote any political agendas.


Cllr Vivien Hill

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Cllr Margaret Hindler

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Originally from South Africa, I have lived in the U.K. for nearly 30 years and in Forest Row since 2002.  My working life has always involved designing and renovating buildings and places for people to enjoy, whilst balancing this with the responsibilities of nurturing three children.  

Naturally, I have a passion for the built environment. Maintaining the village infrastructure and its dynamic and unique qualities, is to me, a high priority. I feel that well cared for and attractive public spaces enhance everyone’s sense of pride and on a personal level, living in a house that is susceptible to flash flooding highlights the importance of organised regular maintenance.  

Having been involved in the Forest Row Flood Forum since its inception, I am well aware that funding is always tight and that only by co-operating on a community level can we work towards a smoothly functioning village environment.  I have also been part of the group organising the Forest Row Festival, before the Parish took it under its remit, as I have a keen interest in the Arts and community involvement. Despite the extensive work that this type of event involves, it was satisfying and great fun to share, in a minor way, in the creation of something that succeeded and grew beyond expectations.

As a councillor, I try to bring my problem solving expertise and professional knowledge to find pragmatic solutions to issues in the village. My view it that our environment belongs to each of us and collectively we can help make Forest Row into an even better place to live and work than it already is.


Cllr Jenny Josephson

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Cllr Robert Lewin

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Robert was born in Ashurst Wood and has lived here almost all his life.  He fully retired in 2013 after a 35 year career in the City, where he advised governments and corporations on the financing of major infrastructure projects around the world.  Now his main interests are the countryside, walking and gardening.  Has extensive experience of teamwork, managing budgets and resources.  Has been in more meetings than one could shake a stick at.


Cllr Tony Lewin

01342 822479

I have lived and worked in Forest Row for most of my life -- moving here firstly as an eight year old in the 1960s to go to Michael Hall School and returning in the 1980s to escape London, to give my young family a nicer place to grow up in, and to pursue my own career as a freelance journalist and writer.  Now, quite a few years later, I find myself still in the same nice place and still writing, with an increasing focus on environmental issues. As a Councillor I try to encourage community cohesion and to make a difference when it comes to shaping a sustainable low-carbon future for this village that we all care about so much.


Cllr Alex McKinney

07460 495 726

I resettled in Forest Row with my wife and now three year old daughter some fifteen months ago from South-West London; having found that the village resonates with the same beauty and harmony with which we grasp life. We have since had our second child (a son this February) and look forward to raising our children here having already begun to reap the abundance of rewards that only a unique and inspirational community such as this provides.

As a devoted family man, a professional care worker and a vocational humanitarian; I live by the principles of natural sustainability whilst promoting physical, emotional and spiritual equality for all. I believe that listening and sharing with faith in democracy outshines any need to influence people.

Subsequently I have never understood the fact that politics are at the forefront of social governance and believe that facts should speak for themselves if a fair and informed democracy is to prevail.

My interests include bio-dynamics / permaculture, diplomacy / mediation, home education, youth services and both the performing and martial arts. Combined with over fifteen years of experience in customer services and conflict resolution as a barman, an event steward, a voluntary youth support worker, a domiciliary care worker, a vocational advocate and through a variety of voluntary humanitarian projects; I have learned that we are all products of our environment and work to inspire and improve my environment in order to inspire and improve myself. Everyone has an agenda and this is mine – the betterment of humanity and life as I know it.

It is with these guiding principles that I will do everything within my power and imagination to ensure a balanced and objective approach to my duties as Parish Councillor.  Wishing Peace, Love & Prosperity for All.


Cllr Kate Melson

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Cllr Suzy Miller

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Cllr Rowena Moore

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Cllr Gwendoline E Pritchitt

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Delighted to move to Forest Row in 1969 when my husband was posted to East Grinstead branch of a large bank. I had always had a yen to live in Forest Row since driving through on the way to the coast from the suburbs of London as a child. With us were our three daughters – all of whom attended the village school and Sackville.

For sixteen years I was involved with the then new Forest Row Playgroup – first as a helper and later as supervisor. There was a time when it seemed I knew every child in Forest Row! Another 16 years found me clerk to the Parish Council: I was there when the old school was bought and turned into a Community Centre. In the Local Government world, I became a trainer for clerks and councillors with the Sussex Association of Local Council, the Society of Local Council Clerks and the University of Gloucestershire. So my very local job took me all over the south of England and sometimes beyond.

I retired in 2000 but soon missed being in the hub of things and was elected to the Parish Council in 2003.  I am particularly interested in the Community Centre, the Thursday Club – for the over sixties - where I am a volunteer, and the preservation and enhancement of what is best in Forest Row.

When my youngest grandson started school in Tunbridge Wells, I started to help with reading in the reception class – he is now in year 6 and I have not moved up yet!  Add to that photography, gardening, swimming, theatre visits, travel and the grandchildren - and I have a very busy life.  I feel privileged to live in such a lovely area and especially this diverse and this active village with my husband of over 50 years and delighted still to be very much part of it.  I was a trustee for the Village Hall for many years and still help with fundraising there. I am a governor for the Church of England Primary School and a trustee of the Sports Ground.  Life is never dull.

Oh! Looking behind me!!!  I nearly forgot the Ashdown Pantomimers - as a founder member back in the 70s and of the WI group that instigated the pantomimes, I have been involved in all but a handful of the productions  - as director or cast, painting scenery, making props etc. etc.  The best thing is introducing so many youngsters (we had nearly 20 in the last pantomime I directed) to the ups and downs of amateur productions and to watch them develop in confidence whilst working together with us oldies.

I am looking forward to another term as councillor and will strive to listen to the wants and needs of the Parishioners. In particular, I hear concerns at the appearance of some of the village and am part of a recently formed sub committee tasked with seeing things are restored to good order around the village. I would also like to see the Community Centre given an up-date and face lift.


Cllr Maureen Summers

01342 822552

I have lived in Forest Row for the past 32 years and have always taken a keen interest in Village affairs.I have three grown up sons who all went to school in the area and now I have two small grandchildren living in the village so I still have involvement in village life for all age groups. I am a retired teacher, having taught maths for some years at a further education college in London and also for a shorter time at Michael Hall school. Now I do some maths tutoring and teach a dance class in the Village Hall twice a week.

I think it is important that people take part in local decision making….it is, in fact, an honour to have such an opportunity and I would like to try to encourage more people in the Village community to be aware of and involved in, matters pertaining to the work of the Parish Council. Many people seem to be very unaware of its role in the village and I would like to find ways to welcome people to be more concerned and active in many issues regarding the community.

I am passionately convinced of the need for respect, dignity and transparency, whether in dealings within the Council or between the Council and the members of our Community, and also the need to really listen to people.


Cllr Brett Williams

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Cllr Jane Wogan

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