Forest Row Parish Council was created in 1894 and is controlled by statute as the first tier of local government. This tier is very important as it ensures that local services are delivered by people who understand their community and its needs. The statutory duties of local councils are limited, but their powers are wide-ranging.

Forest Row Parish Councillors take their responsibility very seriously and give up a lot of their time to serve the community. The Council operates through a committee system with each committee having its own budget and delegated powers to make decisions. The Full Council meets quarterly with each committee meeting at least three times during the year.

The Parish Council is divided into three wards:

Forest Row          12 Members
Ashurst Wood & Hammerwood           2 Members
Weirwood           1 Member


All the councillors live within their wards and therefore provide a point of contact and can help raise and deal with issues facing their community.

The Parish Council values its role in providing services and facilities for local people and within the scope of the statutory limitations. Forest Row Parish Council is keen to do as much as it can to improve the quality of life in the community and to this end is not afraid to explore new ideas.

The regular services provided by the Parish Council include:


Foresters' Link

Litter Bins/Dog Fouling Bins

Bus Shelters

Gilham Bank & Spring               


Bye Laws

Newlands Place

Notice Boards

Car Club & Cycle Hire      


Grants to Parish Organisations

Planning (as consultees)

Community Centre

Emergency Planning

Public seating

Monthly Market

Footpath lighting

Repair Cafe

Representation on outsidebodies      

Frow Friends Thursday Club

Forest Row Guide

Village Greens, some verges and trees     

Jubilee Garden

Leasing of Sports Field   

Venue on the Green

Youth Services

Gages Community Lunches    



The Council manages several assets and most of its income is raised through the precept, which is levied on Wealden District Council and claimed back by them through the local Council Tax payers. Therefore, it is a local tax spent on local facilities.


The Community Centre
Hartfield Road
Forest Row
East Sussex
RH18 5DZ

Tel: 01342 822661 Fax: 01342 825739
Office hours are:
Monday to Friday 9am-4pm
Clerk: Mr David O'Driscoll
Assistant Clerk: Mrs Carolyn Coomber
Burials Clerk & Market Manager:
Mrs Sue Young
Admin Assistant & Allotments:
Mrs Janet Lamprell
Community Services Officer:
Mrs Sara Smart
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