STANDING ORDERS (click on title for document)

These are the rules under which the Council conducts its meetings and organises its business 

SCHEME OF DELEGATION  (click on title for document)

This sets out the powers of the Council Committees and its Officers to act on behalf of the Council

CODE OF CONDUCT  (click on title for document)

This sets out the obligations and dutes of the Councillors and how they declare their personal interests

RISK MANAGEMENT  (click on title for summary statement)

This sets out the Council's general policy: (risk assessments for specific situations are available for inspection)

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION  (click on title for document)

This contains the categories of information covered by the Act and how the information can be obtained

RECORDING OF MEETINGS  (click on title for document)

A policy introduced in 2015 to allow recording of, and ‘broadcasting’ from public meetings and a system for recording of meetings by the Council itself

POLICY ON PRESS & MEDIA RELATIONS  (click on title for document)

Policy aims & the legal framework, for contact with the media, media attendance at meetings & press releases

SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY  (click on title for document)

Covers the use of Facebook, Twitter, and on-line forums by Councillors and employees when communicating in an official capacity

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY  (click on title for document)

Policy dealing with limitations on use of Council IT equipment and software/data installed thereon

CCTV  (click on title for document)

Sets out the legal basis & principles of CCTV use, a statement of purpose and a checklist to ensure legal compliance

YOUTH SERVICES  (click on title for document)

A ‘mission statement ‘ for involvement of the Council with the youth of the village: aims & objectives, priority areas of attention and staffing policy

COMPLAINTS  (click on title for document)

Sets out the procedures for dealing with complaints against the council’s administration and its escalation in case of non-resolution.


The Community Centre
Hartfield Road
Forest Row
East Sussex
RH18 5DZ

Tel: 01342 822661 Fax: 01342 825739
Office hours are:
Monday to Friday 9am-4pm
Clerk: Mr David O'Driscoll
Assistant Clerk: Mrs Carolyn Coomber
Burials Clerk & Market Manager:
Mrs Sue Young
Admin Assistant & Allotments:
Mrs Janet Lamprell
Community Services Officer:
Mrs Sara Smart
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