Following the death of someone there are many practical jobs to be done and it may be useful to have help of a family member or friend. There are a lot of arrangements to be made and it may be difficult for you to retain information during this time.

We hope that you will find the information below helpful.

What to do first

Obtaining the death certificateIf your partner, relative or friend has died in a hospital, the hospital doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

Registering the death - You will need to make an appoitment at any of the Registrar's office in East Sussex County Council locality as soon as possible to formally register the death and need to take the Medical Certificate with you. This is a legal document and needs to be registered withing five days of death.


If your partner, relative or friend has died at home within either East or West Sussex Council locality the certificate would need to be obtained from their GP.


If the person has died at home within the West Sussex County Council locality, you would need to take the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death to the registrar's office in West Sussex County Council Area. 

If the person died at home in East Sussex County Council locality, you would need to take the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death to the registrar's office in East Sussex.

​​If it is not convenient for you to register the death in the County Council area where the person was at the time of death, for example if you live some distance away, you may prefer to make a declaration of the death at your local registration office in another district. Staff from your local registration office will be able to offer you advice on the procedure for this.


Lewes Register Office
Southover Grange
Southover Road
Phone: 0345 6080198

The core opening hours are 9am — 5pm Monday to Friday, the office is closed for lunch between 12.30pm — 1.30pm.
Please contact the office to make an appointment before your visit.


Register Office
Goldsmith's Avenue
Phone 03456 080198

The core opening hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, the office is closed for lunch between 12.30pm — 1.30pm.
The registration service is offered from a private room within the Library. Please advise staff at the enquiries desk that you have arrived and they will show you to the waiting area. The registrar will then collect you for your appointment.


Haywards Heath Register Office
34 Boltro Road
Haywards Heath
RH16 1BN

Burgess Hill Register Office
96 Church Walk

Burgess Hill
RH15 9AS

To book an appointment please call: 01243 642122

You must have the medical cause of death certificate from the doctor before you can register a death. If the death is refered to the coroner they will issue the medical paperwork directly to the registrar. The coroner’s officer will usually contact you when the paperwork has been completer so you can make an appointment to register the death.


When you see the registrar

​One of the following can regiter a death:

A relative of the deceased

Someone who was present at the death

Someone organising the funeral

​What you need to take with you:

The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death

The Medical Card if available

The Registrar will need to know the following:

Date and place of death

Full name, date and place of birth

Marital or civil partnership status

Original name prior to any marriage or civil partnerships

Home address

Occupation of deceased

The date of birth of surviving partner

The Registrar will give you two forms, white & green

A certificate for burial or cremation - known as the green form - this is needed by the funeral director (unless the coroner is involved)

A certificate for the Department of Social Security (DWP) - Form BD8, together with a pre-paid envelope for you to send this off

​Who to inform about the death

There are various people who need to be informed of the death and it may be useful to use the checklist below:

Please CLICK HERE to download a PDF version.

People to inform

DWP - benefits or pension stopped

Tel: 0800 169 0310


Inland Revenue (HMRC)

Banks/Building Societies/Credit Card Companies

Local Tax Scheme

Insurance      Life Insurance
Companies    Car insurance
                      Property insurance

Morgage company/Land Registry

Housing Association/Landlord

Social Services - if involved

Family Doctor

Relevant Hospital Doctor

Utility providers - gas, water etc.

School/College - if applicable

National Savings and Investments

Store cards

Telephone company inc mobile


Union/Professional organisations

If already a grave owner notify the local council of any changes

Things to cancel

Care/household services: home help, meals on wheels, cleaner etc.

Appointments: Hospital, dentist, opticians etc.


Redirect mail if required

Milk if delivered

Magazine Subscriptions

To Stop Junk Mail, visit


Items to return

Medicines: return to Pharmacy

Driving Licence: return to DVLA

Library Books

Any equipment borrowed from Social Services or Hospital - commode, walking sticks, wheelchair etc.

Passport: return to passport agency

Season tickets/concessionary travel documents - bus pass to relevant company

Disabled parking (Blue Badge) to County Council

Car insurance certificate

Car registration documents - for change of ownership



Certified copies of the death certificate can be purchased. These are shown to insurance companies, banks, building societies etc. to prove that the death has occured. As some organisations may not accept a photocopy of the certificate, it may be better to obtain more copies at the time of registration of the death.

The Registrar can notify Adult Social Care for you if they have been involved with the deceased. They can also give you an envelope for you to return any Blue Badges held and also an envelope for the reurn of bus passes.

Additional Information

Solicitors, Wills & Legal Matters

Funeral Payments & Bereavement Benefits


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