09 July 2021

Wealden District Council - The Dementia Assistance Grant

Wealden District Council - The Dementia Assistance Grantin the Home.

Wealden District Council - The Dementia Assistance grant: This is available for any owner occupier, private tenant or housing association tenant diagnosed by a health professional with dementia.  Where a client lives in a Council owned-property, consideration will be given similar scopes of work under the Council’s existing minor adaptations scheme.  The assistance is limited to a maximum of £5,000 over a three year period. The scope of works may cover items such as (but not limited to as each case will be considered on its individual merits):


• Replacing floor coverings that cause confusion or safety issues

• Replacing tiling or bathroom fittings (i.e toilet seats and rails) to improve visual perception

• Changing cupboards to make contents visual.

• Improving lighting schemes to improve visibility around the home

• Noise reduction measures

• Ensuring gardens and paths are level and free from hazards.

• Improving safety around the home

  • Signage around the home

• Occupational Therapist Equipment recommendations


The only conditions for the dementia grant are that the assistance cannot pay for items that can be funded through a Disabled Facilities Grant or equipment already provided by the Occupational Therapy Team (OT) but can be used for additional OT recommendations.  It does not cover packages of care. Referrals for the assistance can be made by emailing disabled@wealden.gov.uk or 01323 443321.  Where referrals are received from a non-health profession, an assessment of the client’s needs is likely to be undertaken by one of our two in-house Occupational Therapists. Further information can be found on our website, however, please note that this webpage covers all the discretionary assistance available in our Financial Assistance Policy. Discretionary Assistance for Disabled Occupants - Wealden District Council - Wealden District Council. Contact Becky at becky.hele@wealden.gov.uk if you would like more information.