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Data Transparency 

The Council is obliged by law to publish the following data about its operations (where these are not shown elsewhere on its website):

Payments over £500


Annual Return Papers






Government Procurement Card transactions

The Council does not hold a Government Procurement Card.

Contracts over £5,000

There are currently no contracts over £5,000.

Council land

The Council has an interest in the land shown in the attached schedule.

Land interest

Social housing assets

The Council has none.

Grants given by the Council

The Council has made the grants shown on the attached spreadsheets.

Council grants

Organisational chart

Please see the attached chart.

Organisational Chart

Parking spaces

The parking controlled by the parish council is detailed on the attached list.

Parking facilities

Pay Multiples

The ratio between the highest paid salary and the median average salary of the whole of the Parish Council’s workforce is 1:4.


There are currently no instances of fraud being investigated and no specialist staff assigned to such matters.

Waste contract

The Council has a waste collection contract with Biffa PLC details of which are available for inspection at the Council offices.

The disclosable items as to trade union facility time, senior salaries and constitution do not apply to this council.