Forest Row Cemetery

Memorial Applications


a) On graves 9’ x 4’ to which exclusive right of burial is granted. A headstone shall not exceed 3’ in height, or desktop memorial 3” in height. - £118.00

b) On graves 3’ x 2’ to which exclusive right of burial is granted. A flat stone 18” x 12” x 2” is permitted, or desktop memorial maximum height 3”. - £60.00

The above include the first inscription.

For each subsequent inscription. - £38.00

NOTE: the fees will be QUADRUPLED for non-parishioners i.e. those not permanently resident within the Parish Council boundary.

Other Regulations

a) No memorial may be erected without prior approval of the Parish Council and payment of the prescribed fees.

b) The only memorials permitted are approved headstones not exceeding 3’ in height, flat stones 18” x 12” x 2”, wall plaques 9” x 6”, and desktops not exceeding 3” in height.
Other designs may be permitted after consideration by the Burials Committee.

c) After the earth has fully settled following a burial the grave will be levelled, put down to grass and mown.

d) Well-tended planting (of annuals, perennials and small shrubs) is permitted. No fencing or raised borders to graves allowed.
If planted graves are neglected or untidy they will be mown and returned to grass.

e) The number of the grave space must be inscribed on any memorial.

f) No fixed article above ground level is permitted in the Cemetery.

g) No loose items are to be placed on graves and no glass containers are to be used for flowers.
Any unauthorised items will be removed and stored for a period of three months, after this time if they have not been claimed they will be disposed of.  

h) When in the Cemetery the peace and dignity of all should be respected. 

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