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Market Rights Policy

Forest Row Village Market was established in its current form in April 2012 and was set up under local & general Legislation

  1. Market Clauses Act 1847
  2. Food Act 1984 (Part III)

Market Franchise Rights

  1. The right to hold a market
  2. The right to take action to prevent a ‘rival’ market being held
  3. The right to appoint market days
  4. The right to appoint market charges
  5. The right to move the market place
  6. The right to control sales outside of the market
  7. The right to make regulations/byelaws for the conduct of the market

Forest Row Parish Council manages the Market Franchise Rights under approval from the local authority for Forest Row. It operates markets, as well as approves other markets (Licences and planning permission are sought through Wealden District Council). Any event deemed a market (private or charity), that is to fall within 6 2/3 miles of any market currently operated or (licenced by Wealden District Council) falls within this Market Rights Policy. If necessary Forest Row Parish Council can take legal action to prevent the operation of an unapproved market.

The legal definition of a market, being ‘a concourse of buyers and sellers’ with five or more trading positions, shall apply when determining whether an event is a market and falls within this policy.

Car boot sales, craft fairs and table top sales all fall within the definition of a market. Events which have 4 or less paying traders/vendors in attendance are not considered to be a market, however the event may still need to meet other planning or events considerations, you are advised to contact the relevant Authority to establish if this is the case.

Balance of Trade Policy

Forest Row Market has a balance of trade policy of which the details are listed below.

The market manager has the right to refuse an application for a stall for any of the following reasons.

Primary Produce: priority will be given to "Primary Produce", e.g. vegetables and fruit, eggs, milk, meat, and fish.

Local Produce: Preference will be given to goods raised, grown, produced, processed or baked within approximately 30 miles of Forest Row. Our aim is to provide a ‘local’ shopping experience that will enable us to reduce emissions from transport fuel. Priority will be given to the most local producer of any product without compromising quality.

Stall Operators: stalls do not need to be manned by the producers themselves.

Chemicals: growers are encouraged to look for alternatives to chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Pricing: food must be marked and priced according to legal requirements. Contact your local Trading Standards Office for more information.

Battery Farming: battery farmed produce is excluded from sale.

Competition: we are running a market and inherent in this is the principle of customer choice. This means competition and change if the market is to stay fresh. While the quality of the produce is an important driver, a real market also contains bargains. It is possible to have both; indeed it is essential to attracting customers.