Stream at River Medway

Greens and Open Spaces

Village Greens

We have two main areas of Village Greens, both on Hartfield Road. These are Forester’s Green and Rush Green. Other areas, officially registered as village green are the deep verges on the A22. Registered Village Greens are protected by law and have strict limitations on what they can be used for.

We also have several areas of amenity land – one of the main areas being at the rear of Forester’s Green where the VENUe on the Green is now situated. 

The Council also maintains land in:

  • Lower Road (Trimmer’s Green)
  • Stonepark Drive (Forest Row Canal)
  • Forester’s Link
  • Riverside
  • Doctor’s Hill
  • Gilham Bank (the wooded area) 
  • Gilham Spring (please note the water is not suitable for drinking)
  • Park Crescent (under licence from East Sussex County Council)
  • Wall Hill triangle (under licence from East Sussex County Council)

We also own Newlands Place and some years ago completely redeveloped the area.

Foresters Link

Group of cows by pathThis path connects the centre of the village to the Forest Way. It was a muddy track until the Parish Council widened it and had a surface put down that made it accessible to all sectors of the community. This was done in partnership with East Sussex County Council and Forester's Link is now a well-used thoroughfare. The Parish Council maintains this area.

At the apex of the 'Link' is a sculpture created from a felled oak elsewhere in the village. This was created with help Wealden District Council in the form of a grant towards it.

ESCC Forest Way Country Park Map